For example we have been recently asked to do a project involving transcoding and creating proxy (small versions) of videos for trickle feeding of evidential video - See the Evidential media manager section below.


Customised video and audio systems based on IP cameras. High definition, high frame rate, live viewing, record of video and audio, playback and offsite archiving are all part of the solution.

Learn more Full frame rate view from Cybertronix Office Thermal Image, Cybertronix Office Royal North Devon Golf Club Webcam. Web viewing and control code supplied by Cybertronix

Thermal Imaging and Recording

    Fire finding and detection, overheat detection, ice detection, surveying and many other applications. Features:
  • Dual display - overlay thermal alarms on visible spectrum image.
  • Dual playback in windows media player.
  • Alarms on high or low temperature.
  • Wide temperature reading range -40°C to 550°C.
  • Burnt in Temperature readings on video.
  • Temperature Alarm starts record/email/sms.
  • Region/Cross wire Alarm starts record/email/sms.
  • Hot/Cold Spot tracking and reading.
  • User defined region temperature min/max reading.
  • Up to 8 FPS on modern i7 desktop.
  • Optional Pan Tilt controller with presets.
Learn more Equipment Monitoring with Thermal Camera. Playback of augmented reality view thermal alarm superimposed on visible spectrum camera.

Time-lapse Video Cameras and Systems

Software for Configuring, automatically capturing and uploading time-lapse videos. Features:

  • Up to 18MP camera.
  • Wide angle lens options 90°-120° typical.
  • Timetable mode: optionally office hours and/or weekdays.
  • Variable Capture Rate.
  • Variable Playback Rate.
  • Creates Todays, 'This month' and 'All time' videos at 18:00 or at 00:00.
  • Optional Daily FTP upload of all videos after creation.
  • Uses fixed network or optional fixed IP 3/4G connection.
  • Optional Solar power solution new sites.
  • Local SSD storage for all stills.
Learn more Morning time-lapse at 1 frame per minute played back at 5 frames per second. Evening time-lapse at 1 frame per minute played back at 5 frames per second. Both cropped and scaled from an 18MegaPixel camera.


These projects are all customer led and installed in real world enviroments. Many of these solutions are running 24x7 = literally billions of frames of SD and HD video recorded, transmitted and played by Cybertronix Software across many arenas:.

Evidential Media Manager

Standalone and/or web based with MS SQL database and encrypted hashes for integrity testing. Integrated or stand-alone video highlight and redaction plus audio redaction.

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BBC Weather Automation and Scripting

Moving the BBC from Television Centre to Broadcasting House required three new weather studios.

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HD Recording and Overlay

Underwater and broadcast systems using Blackmagic cards and Sensoray hardware.

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Other Examples

Medical and other CCTV projects completed.

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