Evidential Media Manager.

Supports Police Bodyworn Cameras and other sources of Evidence.

Corporate Intranet Version

Thermal Videos imported into the Corporate, multi-user Intranet website.

Police Bodyworn Camera.

Evidential Video can be ingested from Bodyworn Cameras.

Evidential Media Manager Software

The Media Manager Software comes in two incarnations, stand alone and corporate. They cover the same functionality, but the stand alone version is a single/few user application and the corporate version has a high concurrent user intranet web site. It is used to safely store video and other media with associated meta-data.

It secures the media with an encrypted hash of the media so that the originals can be identified as such and that they have not been tampered with.

The system can use any capture device but was designed with Police Body Worn Cameras as the initial capture device.

Once media is ingested it can be searched for, played, meta data edited, video and audio redacted as necessary, producing new copies with new encrypted hashes and noting who modified the copy.