Software running on a PC and Embedded on a camera.

Software running on a PC

This video is from our testing at Cybertronix HQ. It is a 30MPH road. It uses a weighted digital neural network and it has currently been trained with the UK number plate font.

In Camera Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

Using Axis Cameras. An Axis ACAP (software on the camera) version of the above. It loads the same neural network from the camera's SD card and runs at a frame a second, allowing the integrated system to work for low speed scenarios like controlling a barrier, which can also be controlled directly from the camera's output port.

Management software allows the upload of white/black lists and visitor details etc as well as viewing the anpr software operation and output.

In both scenarios we have used an Axis Q1765-LE as it has a long zoom lens and built in IR for night time operation. It can also be run on an Axis F41 or F44 Modular camera with a lens change.

Since all the software is written by ourselves, other features can be added on request. For example we have added integration to CCTV systems and door access control systems. For many years we have been an Axis Development Partner and as such we have built up a large library of components for use with the large range of IP Cameras and their various features.