Large IP-CCTV Systems

Large IP-CCTV systems with multiple sites and trickle-fed central archiving.

One of our large systems involves over 100 Axis HD IP-CCTV cameras on 10 sites, recording at high frame rate with audio in an examination environment. This involves up to 24 cameras on a server/NVR, with software for:

  • Remote and Local Playback (live and trickle feed options).
  • Multi Monitor Multi camera live views.
  • Audio/Video Record and playback on the local NVR which keeps 2 months of video over a 10 hour working day.
  • Motion detection on playback is an option, ie high speed search.
  • Automatic adjustment of which cameras are in use using cameras with built in PIRs.
  • Different subsets of cameras used on different days set with a simple calendar control.
  • Trickle-feeding of footage back to a central server which keeps 6 months of video, with a reporting tool and MySQL database.
  • A central playback application gives access to all 6 months footage from the 10 sites.
  • Export to DVD or file.

Since all the software is written by ourselves, other features can be added on request. For example we have added integration to aNPR systems and door access control systems. For many years we have been an Axis Development Partner and as such we have built up a large library of components for use with the large range of IP Cameras and their various features.


We build our mid-sized and large NVR designs to order. Larger systems can be built with HP DL380 server systems. For example a 16 disk HP DL380 SFF could have up to 28TB storage configured as RAID 6 and one hot spare, leaving 21TB after formatting. This would support 50 cameras at 12FPS with audio over 14 hours a day for two months.

Playback Software

Multi-view and Multi-monitor live views and playback.

Axis M1054 Camera - now discontinued - left here as this is what we actually used.

  • HDTV 720p video quality.
  • Audio.
  • PIR.
  • White light LED.

Axis M1065-L Camera - the new replacement camera - higher resolution, but with Zipstream

  • HDTV 1080p video quality.
  • Audio.
  • Zipstream - to reduce bandwidth further, and thus storage requirements are lower.
  • PIR.
  • IR LED.