HD Overlay and Recording.

HD Systems for Broadcast and Underwater Systems.

Cybertronix have developed a High Definition Low latency Overlay and Recording system. This is used by BBC Weather for their autocue style display and for underwater recording systems for divers and ROVs.

This system consists of a Blackmagic Extreme 3D or better capture card and our software or Sensoray Capture Hardware and our software.

For underwater use we can overlay output of GPS, Time/date, depth, heading, free text, logo etc.

Or for broadcast, we can display volume, safe area, countdowns, test cards, logo etc whilst leaving the main view unaffected.

Recorded with Blackmagic Decklink Card and Overlayed with Sensoray Hardware.

See video below.

Plasma Height Calibration Test Card.

Generated on our autocue system and routed to a plasma display so that the display position can be automatically adjusted to suite the camera height. By capturing the testcard through the camera and measuring where the colour bars are the plasma can be moved into position.

HD Overlay Video Recording.

Here we have simply added our logo to a scene shot underwater with an HD 1080p Kongsberg camera please click on full screen to see all of the available resolution:

And another: