Current and Prior Projects.


  • Cowes Harbour Commission - Wireless and mobile data (4G) IP CCTV
  • Trinity College London - Video and Audio Recording for exams
  • Bodycote Derby - IP CCTV
  • Bristol Old Vic - IP CCTV
  • Bam Nuttall - Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)
  • St Thomas's School - IP CCTV
  • Blue Coats School. - IP CCTV
  • Golborne Youth Centre. - IP CCTV
  • Spelthorne Council. - IP CCTV


  • Sir Robert McAlpine.
  • Bam Nuttall.
  • Deutsche Bank.

Health Training Systems

  • Royal United Hospital Sim man suite
  • Royal United Hospital Endoscopy
  • Bristol Royal Infirmary Endoscopy
  • Gloucester Hospital Endoscopy
  • Cheltenham Hospital Endoscopy


  • BBC Weather Automation and Scripting systems
  • C-Tecnics High Speed, HD and SD underwater systems
  • WUCS Pipeline digging (Video, audio and telemetry recording and playback)
  • CX Partners HD interview system
  • Translink International. (Thermal imaging)
  • Redfunnel Ferries (aNPR)
  • David Horn Communications (Body-worn video and Evidential Media Manager)