Video Cameras and Systems

Our software can control the Axis or Mobotix cameras and take shots at pre-determined intervals, and positions if a Dome or PTZ is used. These can be automatically processed into videos once a day and optionally uploaded to a website via FTP. We can now also build custom cameras to suite the application that go up to 18 megapixels as these videos below show. Taken at one frame per minute for one day. The morning and evening clouds are particularly impressive.

This was taken with an 18MP camera, cropped and scaled to show the overview on a 120° lens - use full screen to see it 1080p on a suitable monitor.

This is just cropped - ie the full resolution zoomed in of the camera, but cropped to 1080p - again view full screen on a 1920x1080 monitor. With the cybertronix playback software it is possible to view wide or zoomed in to this level of detail even if the monitor is lower resolution than the camera - in this case 18MP = 4912x3684

Axis P14 Range

Axis Camera for Outdoor Time-lapse. Up to 4K resolution.


Mobotix Camera for Outdoor Time-lapse.

Time-lapse Features:

  • Up to 18MP camera.
  • Wide angle lens options 90°-120° typical.
  • Timetable mode: optionally office hours and/or weekdays.
  • Variable Capture Rate.
  • Variable Playback Rate.
  • Creates Today's, 'This month' and 'All time' videos at 18:00 or at 00:00.
  • Optional Daily FTP upload of all videos to a website after creation.
  • Uses fixed network or optional fixed IP 3/4G connection. We can supply SIM card and pre-configured router.
  • Optional Solar power solution new sites.
  • Local SSD storage for all stills.

Possible Uses:

  • Building sites.
  • Wildlife.
  • Weather.
  • Transport Systems.
Example Time-lapse Video from 30/01/16. This is taken at 1 frame per minute and played back at 5 frames per second using an 18MP camera. NB Starts just before sunrise.