Video Cameras and Systems

Our on camera software can control the Axis cameras and take shots at pre-determined intervals, and positions if a Dome or PTZ is used. These can be automatically processed into videos once a day and optionally uploaded to a website via FTP. The morning and evening clouds are particularly impressive:

We support all Axis cameras with an SD card slot.

This was taken at one frame per minute over the course of one day. Use full screen to view 1080p on a suitable monitor.

Axis P14 Range

Axis Camera for Outdoor Time-lapse. Up to 4K resolution.

M3037-PVE Outdoor Panoramic camera

360° Panoramic view - 5MP.

Time-lapse Features:

  • Up to 4K camera.
  • Wide angle lens options including panoramic.
  • Timetable mode: optionally office hours and/or weekdays.
  • Variable Capture Rate.
  • Variable Playback Rate.
  • Creates a video of the last month at 20:00 daily and of all time on demand.
  • Optional Daily FTP upload of video to a website after creation.
  • Uses fixed network or optional fixed IP 3/4G connection. We can supply SIM card and pre-configured router.
  • Optional Solar power solution new sites.
  • Uses on camera SSD storage for all stills.
  • Several years worth of stills can be stored locally and on the server.
  • No PC on site - processed in the cloud on our servers.

Possible Uses:

  • Building sites.
  • Wildlife.
  • Weather.
  • Transport Systems.